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  • Reviewed by: dimsum5150  on: 23/07/2010
    Best Chinese food in the valley , restaurant is always very clean,food always fresh,very busy take away, our favorite.
  • Reviewed by: Hkray814  on: 23/06/2010
    Very good food and fantastic service!
  • Reviewed by:   on: 18/06/2010
    Great Chinese food in the bay area! Very authentic and great service! Highly recommended.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 13/06/2010
    good good good
  • Reviewed by: james69pro  on: 13/06/2010
    Amazing!!! Summarizes it
  • Reviewed by: crystalmeh  on: 13/06/2010
    I go almost every week
  • Reviewed by: ajsonzhao5  on: 13/06/2010
    The best in town~
  • Reviewed by: friendlyone102  on: 13/06/2010
  • Reviewed by: jackzhao55  on: 11/06/2010
    The food is great and the service is wonderful! Great restaurant!
  • Reviewed by: vivianchen_1985  on: 09/06/2010
    best chinese food and nice sevice
  • Reviewed by: vivianchen_1985  on: 09/06/2010
    best chinese food and nice sevice
  • Reviewed by:   on: 06/06/2010
    very good food,very nice service. best in the town
  • Reviewed by: runnemrand  on: 17/05/2010
    The best Chinese food I have ever had. Consistently good. Pleasant atmosphere. Great hostess's. The Chef is to be commented
  • Reviewed by: itcaneat  on: 14/05/2010
  • Reviewed by: eshawnernest9  on: 14/05/2010
  • Reviewed by: eshawnernest9  on: 14/05/2010
  • Reviewed by: ma321ate  on: 01/05/2010
    I loveeeee their fried rice and water! :]
  • Reviewed by: dreamxfairyx88  on: 30/04/2010
  • Reviewed by: babbab  on: 27/04/2010
    best ORANGE CHIKEN ever!!!!!!!!!
  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/5
    The online ordering process is not dependable. They would not deliver my food even though I received an email confirmation. The delivery girl demanded a bigger tip before she would hand me my food. I asked to be compensated for the rude delivery girl. The manager called me and texted me numerous times to try and convince me that I did not want a refund. Lastly, the food was mediocre.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //11/5
    I have never been treated this way in my life! I ordered delivery to our hotel (while on vacation), and when the delivery girl gets to our door, she has me sign the credit card slip. I sign it, thank her, and then reach for my food. She pulls away and insists that I give her a cash tip even though I had already applied a very generous tip online through my credit card when I paid. After explaining this to her, and letting her know that she will be getting a tip, but it will be through my credit card. She then demands again that I give her more of a tip. She would not give my my food until I physically went into my purse and gave her the cash that I had in my wallet. Since I didn't want to argue, I just gave her the cash, took my food, and locked my door. I called the manager of the restaurant, and explained the situation and asked that she removes me credit card tip. She then argues with me that her delivery girl didn't mean anything by what she did and that she "really isn't that mean." I understand that everyone has their bad days, but never have I been treated like this. After everything, I was so furious that I asked for a refund (which I never do, even if the service or food is bad). The manager agrees, and I thank her and hang up. A few minutes go by, and I receive a call from the manager, arguing with me about why she shouldn't refund me my money. She finally agrees to do the refund. I then go on to receive two more phone calls from the manager, who is arguing the same thing. She finally gives in and refunds me the money, which will (hopefully) be returned to my credit card, unless she decides to call me in a few days to argue about this again.Edit: Now an hour has passed and the manager is texting me and continuing to argue. I will now have this number blocked.
  • Reviewed by:   on: //10/1
    Sorry to give this place a one star review. This review is not for the food, which I really like, but for the service.Sad that I have to write this. In all fairness I told the manager I would be sharing my experience via Yelp.Lo's in downtown Livermore takes online orders. If you ever use their online system, you should call immediately to verify they have your order and make sure that they actually do! Even if you get an email confirmation!!!I ordered online, called to verify they had order, and was told food on its way. We waited for 30 minutes and never got food! When I followed upl, I was told they never got my order!!! The person had no idea who had taken my call and told me that my order was on its way. By this time it was too late to re-order (and frankly the person didn't offer to quickly pull an order together for us) so I expressed my sincere disappointment and dissatisfaction, and headed out to the grocery store to pick up a salad and a rotisserie chicken. (did I mention how tired we were?)All I wanted was some mu-shu.....
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