About Our Restaurant

As you stroll in Downtown Livermore, enjoying its beautiful streetscape, you will discover a dine-in restaurant named Lo’s China Bistro on 2059 1st Street. Opening in 2004, Lo’s China Bistro has become famous for its outstanding, friendly, and family-oriented dining atmosphere and the exquisite taste and flavor of its dishes.

Lo’s China Bistro prides itself on providing affordable, healthy, and consistently fresh cuisine that is prepared with care by well-trained chefs. To attract an array of diverse customers, the restaurant offers a wealth of choices including authentic Mandarin food, both classic and contemporary.

The menu exemplifies the attention paid to the customers. All kinds of meat and vegetables can be steamed at the customers’ request. Signature dishes abound at Lo’s China Bistro. Mongolian Beef, Salt & Pepper Shrimp, Kung Pao Chicken, and Dry Fried String Bean win the day. Loyal customers also crave the restaurant’s Honey Walnut Prawn. It doesn’t matter if you prefer spicy or sweet, heavy or light, Lo’s can satisfy your taste.